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Suits me perfectly. It doesn’t pay well, but it puts enough change in my pocket to keep my vices going; drinking to excess, losing at cards, and off good looking dames. Today I was on a roll. Not even happy hour and already I’d lost next month’s rent to a joker holding a trio of ladies and blown my last cheddar on hooch. Two for three. Not bad. Maybe I should give my ex a call and let her know the alimony check would be late. Again. I’d gotten as far as picking up the phone when a knock. Whether we will be successful or not I can't tell. Only when we experience the future does it become clear. Certainly making and executing plans helps us define the future. But as you're well aware, no plan survives actual implementation.This is because there are always variables that were not considered when the plan was made. Still I can say that it seems to me that incidences of violence have decreased in the neighborhood where I work. I can only claim that this must be due to the people. ”“Hey!” The feisty brunette shoved him, though there was an amused grin on her face as well. “Just saying, I can’t pull off a heist without my partner in crime, can I?”A nice, pleasant sensation coursed through Kieran’s body as he smiled. “Face it, Maddie, you’d be completely helpless without me to save your ass.”A mischievous glint appeared in her eyes. “Oh, sure, keep telling yourself that, buddy.”“Alright,” a strong, athletic dark-skinned boy with very short black hair descended from the car. Like them, he was just another piece of property.This was his first look outside on this Island. All he'd seen up until now was the glass prison he woke up in. Tiny in a world of giants. Before that it was his cell in another prison. What kind of new prison awaited him this time.Looking out he saw a world beyond belief. Women walking, leading men on leashes. Some waved, some walking in small groups, laughing, smiling while the men, heads down, shuffling along like they were in chains. Only a.

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