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Tanya told me she had been measured for a custom bra, as they didn't do one in her size. Apparently, she now needed a G-cup!Mum was getting just a lit...le worried! It was the cost of the hand-made bra that decided her to take Tanya to see the doctor. After all, a ten-year-old girl in a G-cup was pretty unusual. How long was this going to go on?Tanya told me later about the visit to the doctor's surgery. They had waited about twenty minutes before being called in, and Dr Martin had been sitting. Brian, lent forward, taking in the smell of her, savouring the faint aroma from the soap she had used that morning. He kissed the small of her back where the curve of her spine, in concave undulation, met the top of her buttocks. His dry lips brushed across her skin, pausing to kiss and to taste her.She shivered momentarily as the rasp of his stubble traversed across her spine, and giggled lightly as it tickled and raised goose bumps to form.Sabine turned over to lie on her side, facing him.. She then grabbed some loose glitter and began patting it intoboth of my eyelids, enhancing the shadow. She also placed a bit on mycheeks for added flare. Returning to her own look, I put on mascaramyself, and asked her what I should do for my lips."Oh I think I have one," she said undistracted as I watched her paint herface and press on a small temporary tattoo of a fighting billy goat, ourschool mascot. She perused through her drawer of lip products and pulledout a hot pink liquid lipstick,. The body mop seemed to mock my straining nipples so I discarded it, splashing more gel into my hands and caressing them gently, cupping my breasts just as I hoped Daddy would when we got back tonight! It was Daddy’s work's dinner-dance tonight and he was taking me for the first time now that she was gone and I wanted to look very special for him, hoping he would show me off a little but it was what would happen later that really got me aroused. Daddy had promised he was going to do what I had.

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