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He is much darker than I am but has similar lips to mine. He is absolutely perfect... This year for Christmas vacation we were going to Dominican Repu...lic, the partying side of the family. These people absolutely L-O-V-E-D to party. While me and my brother were getting ready, my mom and dad went out to get some last minute errands done. I was taking my shower when suddenly Michael started banging on the door claiming he wanted to pee. So as I was getting out of the shower to get a towel He came. I figured that pretty much limited sex for the weekend. The two gals together were a bundle of energy and I chauffeured them hither and yon on Saturday. Both of them were touchy and friendly to me all day and I did like the attention. At lunch Rachel made a point of rubbing her legs on mine under the table and giving me a wicked smile as she did so.Finally, back at Rosie’s apartment she poured us all some whiskey. I toasted two beautiful women, Rosie toasted my friendship, and Rachel toasted to. Without warning he lifted her off her knees by her hair and dragged her to the door on shaky legs. “You will be here at the same time tomorrow and you better not cum. Do you understand me?” She pouted for a brief moment and nodded, “Yes, daddy.” That night Kailee had a hard time keeping her husband off of her. He wanted her so badly, but she had promised her father in-law that she wouldn’t cum. By the time she walked into his office the next day her pussy was dripping and she needed to cum so. Rose was twenty-two years old, 5’ 3” and petite. She had straight black hair to her shoulders and a cute face with a little dimpled cheek. She was of Chinese heritage and grew up in Newfoundland of all places. Her origins in itself made her curiously amusing, because Newfoundland is no immigration hotbed. A beautiful, but a traditionally economically depressed region of Canada, the expectation is usually for people to leave the province, not move there. Nonetheless, that’s where her parents.

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