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He was careful to tug her panties upwards when he removed the jeans. This time, her shivers were for the cold air. She burrowed to the bottom of the s...eeping bag, not even leaving her head outside the tent.Looking out, she saw that there were no shadows left. The sun had set, even though the sky was still light. Hal moved further into the tent so that he was even with her. He took her face in his two hands -- one was still cold -- and kissed her. He kissed down to her breast again.His hand. I became lost in the rhythm of her skin on my skin, trying to anticipate where she would touch me next, desperate for her to stop, while at the same time aching for her to go on. When at one point I let an involuntary moan pass my lips she gave me a sharp spank and told me not to make any more noise. Knowing I mustn’t cry out suddenly made me want to do so even more and as I kept the pleasure locked inside I felt like it was threatening to burst through my skin. She must have gauged that I was. Look after my baby and sleep tight yourself. 'Bye"Wendy was making little swimming motions with her hands. Bill gently took hold of the one nearer to him. She snatched it away."Wendy, my sweet, it's Bill. You're quite safe. Let me hold your hand."Wendy let him as he kept on talking quietly to her. Her eyes opened and she stared at him. She opened her mouth but only a croak came out. Bill reached for the glass of water which had a straw in it. He held up her head and guided the straw between her. Kathy, pulling aside Jenny’s knickers, was licking Jenny’s cunt. Michelle had pulled Jenny’s tits from her top and was rolling the bullet hard nipples between her thumbs and fore-fingers. Belle and Sara stood face to face, kissing, with their hands down each others panties. ‘Well, I think I should have some fun. Get down here and lick me.’ June instructed Fiona, pointing at her twat. ‘I think our chats and coffee visits together are going to take a new turn.’ explained June Fiona could only.

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