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I finally had to make her stop because the sensation was just too intense.”Robert’s cock and balls were still on display but I guess relating this...story caused the blood to flow and his cock was standing proud and throbbing with excitement. I asked him when this handjob by the maid occurred and he said it was yesterday. So I assumed he had another load that needed to be released by now. We were sitting on the sofa in one of the many rooms in his house. I figured we had some privacy so I bent. " Take your clothes off." I said. " No, please," she said shaking her head. " I need privacy, please," She pleaded. " I told you clearly in the car. You could have asked me there?" She gulps, she hung her head. " Do you want to watch?"
 " Why not?"
 " What?"
 " Let's get over with it," I said, turning towards her. " Open up." She looks at me. I stare back at her expectantly.
 Her fingers moving to the waistband of the robe. She pulls it open slowly, removing the long robe revealing a hour glass. So, I went downstairs and found my "Mom Note". Every time I'm going to be getting up, or getting home, and Mom knows she's not going to be there, I get a note. I left you this if you want to make breakfast, have a good day, come down to the store if you get lonely, yadda yadda yadda, love Mom. They're actually very sweet.I didn't feel like cooking. I can. I'm actually a good cook. But I didn't feel like it, and 7 am was way too early to call Missy. So, I decided to burn off some nervous energy. Have fun.”Flyer: A round that goes somewhat wild, unpredictably out of the main grouping on the target.“Come and get it before we throw it out,” Susan called out over the PA.“That’s our cue,” Jeff said with a chuckle as he came to his feet.“Thank you, Sir,” both Cox and Caldwell said as one.Jeff escorted them into the dining room where, as usual, Nat, Nicki and Whitney took charge of them.Later, Jeff sat at the head of one of the tables with his wives other than Nat, Nicki and Whitney who were.

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