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The intensity scared her to death; every nerve fiber in her body hemorrhaged in a combination of convulsions and tremors. Just when she thought it was...over, another wave took its place. Nirvana, that's where she was. She felt free and weightless, overcome with pleasure. Jasper kept his finger in her ass as he scooted up the bed to kiss Rose. This kiss would let him know if she was surrendering her body to him. As soon as Jasper's lips reached her, she threw her arms around him, hugging him. She looked him up and down, and every detail she took in lit a new fire inside of her. What’s gotten into me? His shoulders were broad but not bulky, and though he wasn’t particularly muscled, she could see the tone in his arms. Bright pink traces of light deep inside of her were becoming sparks and a warm feeling spread through her. Already in a daze again, her attention wandered down his...Stephanie’s face flushed and she studiously turned her head back towards Megan. A tingle trickled down. “Well, I guess that’s one way, but I know a way to relieve tension that’s a lot more fun.”“Well, you’d better eat your Wheaties because I foresee a lot of tense days in the upcoming months.”Michelle was dead serious about taxing her husband’s sexual prowess. Not only would it relieve tension, but it might relieve some of her guilt as well. She knew damn well she wasn’t being quite honest, not with Adam and not with herself. Truth was, she had an enormous crush on Clay Bartlett in high school.. And my mother and I have been mistaken for sisters a couple of times too. And my aunt 64, looks almost as young. We all do eat right and exercise, but I’m sure good genetics plays the main role.Yesterday Carrie had asked me if she could wear some of my clothes for her party, and flattered, I agreed. She and I picked through my closet and she picked a sexy black dress with the hem at mid-thigh (a little short, a little snug, I thought . . . and a bit too revealing . . . always the mom) but she.

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