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I spent the next ten minutes sucking and licking, tasting his musk and precum, I was hooked!He pulled me to my feet and pulled me to the bathroom. He told me he had a mirror fetish in our chats so I knew what he wanted and followed.We traded blowjobs in front of the mirror nude and ground our bodies and cocks together. I was in heaven! We never kissed because I didn't have the nerve and he wasn't particularly attractive, it was all about the cock! He turned me around and he started pinching. I suddenly realised that, whilst all this was going on, I still had two fingers in my hole, too scared to move but the wetness that suddenly started flowing again brought my attention back. I re-started my fingering, slowly so as not to make any noise. Meanwhile, the girls were facing each other rubbing their pussies and their breathing becoming more ragged.“Fuck it! Can we do each other?” Katie asked.“Yeah. Please,” Lucy replied between gasps.The two moved closer together and reached across to. We MUST destroy it, Pietor, and those who would use it!"Pietor, you are my inheritor. You have been my strong right arm; now you must become my body, my purpose, my devotion. You possess my trust; now you will possess my burden of responsibility. Use all of our resources. Hold nothing back. Spare no effort. Waste no moment, and deny no alliance. The vision must not come to pass! You must find and destroy that weapon and all who accompany it."Tears were running in streams from Pietor's face. Jen was clearly excited, the moisture forming between her legs, her erect nipples jutting obscenely off her swelling breasts, and she blushed at her arousal. But then she noticed Dr. Green’s nipples were straining through her bra and shirt, clearly erect as well. ‘Guess I’m not the only one turned on by this’ she mused. “Ready for me Meredith?” she asked her subject. “I’m all yours Jen,” she answered with a wink. Jen figured she should start with her feet. Meredith was wearing a pair of white.

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