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With her excitement and attire I braced myself for more pictures of her having sex with God knows who.She took a video camera out of a bag she had and...hooked it up to the computer."This is the key to my freedom," she said.She then played the tape. I sat there with my mouth open. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was in a state of shock. By the time it was over I was also hard as a rock. I was never into porn but this was different because it involved people I knew. I can't even describe the shock. I have reworked Chapter 2 to incorporate more paragraphs and hopefully did a better job of proof reading!!This is the last of the story of my first time with Miss Ginny. I actually got together with her a total of three separate times. I will also write about my second time since it was just as hot!Hope you enjoy the rest of this story.Miss Ginny told my Mom she would like to take a shower before dinner since she had been in the heat all day and had been tanning. My Mom told her to use the. "Well, first off, lets go to a bigger bedroom if we are set on continuing our little adventure" dad proposed. Agreeing, mom, dad and Jenny all set off for our parents bedroom which was indeed much bigger, plus they had a king sized bed for extra space.I followed them in as mom and dad begin to kiss, slipping their tongues in to each others mouths as they began to suck one-another. Jenny, feeling excited dropped to her knees in front of dad and gobbled up his now, re-awakened cock, taking his. There’s no time for a condom, besides, we’re both far to distracted to even think of one. You rub my bare cock over your lips a few times, remembering how great it felt inside you, it feels amazing for our bare skin to touch. Sliding it towards your hole, you open up, ready to feel me inside you. You’re still wet from earlier, so I slide easily into you, I run my hands down to rest on your hips. As you slide down my long hard pole, I look down, watching my cock get engulfed by your pussy until.

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