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Then realizing her mistake, and in a hurry while talking on her cell phone with a business associate, and still trying to tie up the loose ends of the...meeting she realizes her need to use the ladies room at the next stop! But when she gets off of the train it is at a poorly lit deserted station, and do to being tired inters what she thinks is the ladies rest room, it is in a rundown area and do to vandals an graffiti has left these rooms indistinguishable from each other ! But has entered the. "He changed directions, pulling me along behind him. The floods on the front of the garage were pointed out at the street, leaving the door in shadow so we couldn't make out much detail."I can't see much at night. How does it look?" I don't know. It looks like a garage door. It's metal and it's gray and it's new. And it doesn't swing open. It kinda moves straight up and bends over at the top and goes into the garage." Hmm. I'll check it out in the morning when the sun's out."Whatever. It was. " Talk?" asked Cindy. "About what?" You," he said. "Us ... Neece ... all of us."Dick perked up."Dave?" he said, his voice rising. "What are you doing, Dave?" I'm trying to save my sanity!" said Dave forcefully. "If I have to spend another day in this wacked out town, I'll go stark raving mad, if we don't get some things straight here in this room." Dave?" said Dick again, feeling dread. "Don't do anything stupid, Dave. Please, Dave." What's he talking about, Daddy?" asked Cindy, getting up off. She said yeah I'll be a little late, I have side work to do. The wait staff always has side work, folding napkins and shit like that. Well it was almost two hours past normal time when I heard her coming up the driveway. I met here at the door and gave her a little peck on the cheek . She looked tired, I said why don't you set down and let me rub your tired feet. She was dressed in her waitress outfit, Danskin ,aprin, and pantyhose. I started on her feet and worked my way to her thighs...then I.

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