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His family knew about this of course and made sure that no one ever got him that angry. As he grew up and reached puberty, things changed slightly, th... control of his gift increase to a point that he could now create the pain at will. He could induce anything from a slight throbbing pain right up to a severe stabbing pain, just behind their eyes.He didn't use his gift very often, he didn't need to, his family would go out of their way to keep him happy, to the extent that as soon as he left. ” He waved me inside. “If you would just wait there a moment,” he said gesturing to a chair at the side of the hall, “I’ll find Miss Matilda.”“Thank you,” I said, taking a seat as he tottered off on heels that made it difficult for him to walk steadily. I sat for a few minutes and was beginning to wonder if I had been forgotten when suddenly a door opened and an imposing woman strode into the hallway. I got to my feet. She gave me a nod of approval. This, I assumed, was Matilda. She was dressed. After I got my energy back, I got up and took her hand and led her up to the bedroom. We made out for a while, hands wandering all over each other, twisting and pulling nipples, teasing each others' clits. She nudged me to the top of bed and got me on all fours. She told me to keep my head down and not look back at her. She began to lick me from clit to anus, and then she got up and I heard her grab some items from the toy drawer. Anticipation buzzed through me as she began to play with my cunt. He served me a glass of brandy then said better we go in the back room he will switch off the lights at the front. He was wearing a robe with nothing under, He asked me if I ever been fucked by a man, I said only once long time ago, he asked me to take off my pants, he looked at my bare bottom, he took off the robe he was naked his cock already hard, he asked me to suck his cock which I did.He then bend me down on the table applied some cream on my butt, holding my hips he pushed his long cock.

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