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Yes I can feel fingers but then they have gone -no touching any fingering???? What the..................... I feel something sharp on my inner thigh!!...And move --its still there!! I carefully run my hand up under the dress --- what the fuck --- a piece of paper --- I take it from between my swollen lips --- the paper is soaking wet --- but it does say --ladies toilet now !!!!!I tell Charlie “going to the toilet” -- yeh whatever is his reaction!! Again my heart is pounding -- the note also tells. I smiled and said just dancing. She seemed jealous but I wasn't sure why. Towards the end of the night my cousin asked me to drop her off home. My buddy and the girls were going to an after party and my cousin did not want to go. I decided to drop her off and meet up with the guys after. On our way home she confessed that she did not know how to dance and came to the club to try to learn. She asked me if I can teach her so that she doesn't end up being a loser with her friends. I told her she. They both felt a huge puddle of water start to form but they never stopped kissing. They both just smiled and continued kissing and fucking. Two minutes later Alex was cumming and sending a hot load of cum deep inside of Jennifer lovely pregnant body. After they were done fucking they went into their room and got dressed and then went downstairs and told Julie that while they were fucking Jennifers water broke and that they were off to the hospital. Julie said that she would call Alexs parents. I went behind her and wrapped my hands around her body. I was acting on what felt good without the care of the outcome. One of my hands was under her shirt, slowly rubbing around her perky nipples. Her head was bent forward against the mirror and her long brow hair hanging over the sink. I was slowly kissing her soft neck and her ear. I lifted up her skirt and started felling her pussy, it was still wet, worm and slippery. Her lags started to spread as I was running my fingers along her.

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