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Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..She said what happened I said I loved it …She nw started stroking fast I was enjoying this a lot…. She then looked at me n s...id u r atking so much time … I said I dnt know anythng… . I asked then what to do nw…. She said I knw what to do… Then see took my balls in her hands n started massaging them… I again was in seventh heaven… I said yeahhh…. I loved it.. After that she stroked me back n forth for 5 min n I was nw ready to cum… I was jst about to cum I didnt said anythng. Shouldn’t I help him for being in a real trouble and asking for my help honestly.” All these thoughts kept on wavering in her mind but she was aroused now. She took Rahul in her arms and started caressing her hairs and said, “Rahul, my son it would be unethical. I am your mother in law” Rahul said, “ Giving me relief is unethical?? Then why did you ask me. And who the hell will come to know about it. Its just a matter of a few minutes. Just as if you are a doctor and I am your patient. And if. I’ll start the next morning.”“Just how bad is it?”“Bad enough. We are understrength about thirty officers, and I’ll probably lose some more once I start tightening things up. I stopped over at the Cherokee last week, and it was a sorry picture. Even off duty, cops look like cops. These guys didn’t. No idea how bad the white shirts are going to be. The council gave me three years, and I’m going to need every minute of it.”He grunted in acknowledgement. “You going to hire on the open market?”“I. In watching her sipping the drink he said, “I have been thinking about this so called arrangement we have. I blackmailed you into having sex only because you said you were going to blackmail me. You needed to be taught a lesson even though what you tried to do was because of your love for your son. I can understand that but you shouldn’t have resorted to blackmail. Saying you would accuse me of rape which you would attempt to prove by showing your torn panties that had my dried semen was way.

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