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OK. But for the record, its OUR bed! Smiling again, I agreed. I stand corrected. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Maxs f...iend pulled up into the parking lot, a little after six oclock, Max jumped out, pulled his bag from the back seat, and said a few words to his buddy. He walked towards my truck, and was met by a flying, blonde, projectile. MAX!!! Kaylee screamed as she launched into his arms. Max is just a hair under six feet, and built like a tank. He has the. He slowly lifted my saree and moved it up my legs. I felt a bit awkward as he did not ask and just moved it up. But the feeling of his hand moving up till my knees and coming down, made me just forget everything and just relax and enjoy. As he was massaging he said “Ayesha, I think if you could just be in your petticoat it will be better. I don’t want the oil to ruin your saree.” I was shocked.I wondered if chachaji had not noticed that I wasn’t wearing any petticoat. It was just a panty. I knew that they were just cleaning me but the club like sponges they were using to remove cum from my ass and pussy were bringing me to orgasm. I struggled to control it, I fought with myself but it was no use and I heard the familiar noises from my throat as my pussy and belly contracted. I turned my head to the side to avoid making eye contact with the nurses, so great was my shame. I realized that my roommate was now awake and staring at me. I closed my eyes but she said. ‘No little one,. Is it all that important?" I asked. "We seem to be doing fine with the equipment we have." I was just wondering. Sandy was so proud that she won the comparison. It bugged me. She thinks her cock is the best thing ever and that the rest of us should be jealous," fumed Patti. "She even told us we were welcome to try 'The Big Salami' as she called it. She offered to swap with any of us if we wanted to know how it felt to be properly fucked!"Great! Now some dumb cunt is offering the services of.

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