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Understand?" Yes Master," Teresa replied. "But," her saucy mouth twitched into a grin, "spankings cost extra."Well, Teresa did as instructed, and I wa... quite pleased with the results of her work. However, I felt compelled to remind her that if she was ever assigned to my house again, she must remember to behave properly. As she lay across my knees, I made sure her ass-cheeks were bright pink as I slapped them about a dozen times each. I think she was getting turned on, because I detected a. Dahlia Parentis has asked me to keep an eye on young Martin. I've invited him to dinner on Friday." Mother!" Mary Ann exploded. "How could you? Don't expect me to be here."Zenobia smiled. "I don't expect you to be here at first but hope you will look in on us later." What are you up to?" Wait and see."When Martin arrived at Zenobia's house for dinner on Friday he was very nervous. He was grateful Zenobia had not told his parents what he had got up to on what they called his 'wild weekend' and. She cried and wept.Finally, it was time to shove the whole dick. It was such hard of a push that this made her scream the harshest. He started fucking her ass and continued for some time. Soon he pulled out his dick, and everyone left Harshita.At that moment, I realized that all the guys he had brought had even bigger and thicker dick than Virat himself. They pulled down Harshita, and she was made to sit on her knees. She knew she had to suck the dick of all these strangers. She started it. She wiped it and began to "oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh" as he punch-fucked his huge cock into her womb. She felt as though she was being torn from his size. The blond wife knew she would be so sore the rest of the week, since she had not been fucked by her husband for a while. It hurt, but God, it hurt so damn good!She didn't allow herself a stray thought about the man himself. She only wanted to be fucked, and fucked properly. And Mark was doing a damn good job of tearing her pussy to shreds. God, he.

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