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I smiled back at him as sexily as possible ensuring that my tongue glossed my lips regularly. He made a few saucy comments regarding my bust and my lo...g legs and how dainty my feet were as nothing would grow in the shade. I laughed and placed my hand seductively on his knee and let my hand slowly drift up his thigh. My red painted fingernails lightly brushing the length of his thigh. In no time at all his hand was at the nape of my neck and his tongue was down my throat. Two of his fingers. "I'm sure it is my dear," he said consolingly, "but it is not acceptable. Down that hall," Steve gestured, "first door on the right, is a bathroom. In there is a new dress for you. Please go there, change, and come back here as quickly as you can." Steve chuckled quietly to himself as he watched Nina nearly fly down the hall. This, he thought to himself, is going to be fun. Nina was back in record time, and she was trying hard not to look pleased with herself. Steve wondered if she looked so. His smug grin turned a little devilsh and my stomach dropped.Then he sly says, Well since you asked, there might be a project. Wont take long, I need to do some research and could use and extra hand. His eyebrows perked up waiting for my answer. I replied, Ok, what is it? He told me not to worry and to meet back at the school around 7pm. I walked out of his classroom feeling defeated. The rest of the day felt like a blur, but the bus ride home, I felt like vomitting. Usually after I get home,. " Resigned to his predicament, and even slightly elated to be going home with a woman for the first time in his life, he escorted Kim out of the bar to his car. He opened the door for her and helped her in, then got in the driver's side. John was hard the whole way home being that Kim couldn't keep her hands off him.At one point, she said to him in the car, "Please understand, John, that I don't normally do this." Do what?" he asked."You know -- go home with guys I just met." Yeah, I.

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