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The smell was intoxicating, a musty odour that made my heart race even faster. Without thinking I licked at the stained area and tasted a sweet and sa...ty flavour which made my erect cock strain at my jeans. I now smelled the area where her anus would’ve been and inhaled deeply, again that sweaty odour which I wanted to fill my lungs with. I put the gusset against my nose and breathed in and out deeply.My attention was caught by the sound of more splashing so I put the bikini back into the. I neared the booth and peered inside. It was wrapped in a thin coat of dust. Out of a fog I could see a metal gate. Inscribed upon the gate were the words, Der Zirkus der Nacht. The gate creaked open from a sudden burst of wind. With the wind came the scent of candy apples and popcorn. I could see the carnival rides in the distance. Their lights surged on, and within my view, I saw the tents. But they were not the obnoxious red and yellow circus tents. They were faded and in various hues of. ? This was more fun then hanging in a bar.? Another fat bum, that could barely undo hispants because of his size, got his dick out for me to suck.? He pumped my head and as I lapped at hisgreasy dick.? He pulled back the thickforeskin and forced it back into my mouth.?He held my head and held the foreskin back for me to suck his dick.? He groaned as a he let his spunk slid down mythroat.? I thoroughly licked his foreskinclean and licked every drop of his cum.? Thiswent on for several hours. Her husband had passed away 2 years ago and had no children and her life was a lonely one.“Fatima, when we looked at each other at Mall, it just seemed like an immediate connection to me. I sensed that you are lonely. Fatima said, “It has been too long since I have been with someone, and if you will forgive me, I mean with someone in a romantic way.”“Do you mean in a physical way?”Fatima paused for a long moment and then looked down and quietly said, “Yes.”“I’d like to help with that.”“What do.

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