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.Michelle knew that she was in trouble! Despite attempts at a coolresponse she was obviously flustered as she engaged the subtly smirkingwoman." are you speaking to me? Do I know you?.." Sorry? "The woman feigned an innocent surprise at Michelle's unconvincingchallenge."No I don't believe we've met...sorry but you do look sofamiliar!...What's your name darling?"All the time she was bursting inside to tear this sissy to shreds but sheplayed along to enjoy the self unveiling. My ass begs for it!She reaches around, swirls her hand all over my head, almost causing me to cum right there, grabs enough of my pre cum, and spreads it all over my ass, and her dildo. She slowly pops the head in, and ever so slowly inserts the whole length. Every inch that went into my ass caused my cock to grow another. I loved having her fill my ass.She rested there, rubbing her hand all over my back, and hips. I am getting inpatient, and start to wiggle my ass. I start rocking back and. Then I gave her kiss on her chicks. Then I changed my clothes in front of her. While doing that, I just became little naughty and showed her my penis also. She looked at it and laughed. I said, mom, can you change your dress here itself, I want to see you. She smiled and said, don’t be a naughty boy. She said you have seen me when you were a kid, now you are grown up, you should not think such things about your mom. I said, please mom, once only, I want to see your full nude. I have not seen. But, not once did Daniel break eye contact with her. Her chocolate brown eyes seemed to go jet black. Very quietly and softly Cat turned and slowly walked to the door, shutting it completely. Her back was still to him when she stated, ‘Do not ever. And I do mean ever, speak to me or my friends and family like that.’ ‘Cather…,’ she silenced him by raising her hand. ‘You don’t know me. I don’t know you. Don’t assume that because we shared some amazing chemistry for a brief second, which is more.

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