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If only he could see Cecily's quiet, contented smile and how it stretched from the centre of her face to the slit between her legs. If he had seen it,...he would have wondered. But Howard couldn't see these things because he was embroiled with the logistics of coiling rope around his fist and yanking the ends and pulling Cecily's ankles from under her. He couldn't see her sly smile because his vision was clouded by red mist."Damn you!" he shook. Everything was wild and incandescent with fury and. Her mind began to wander. How come things came so easy for Tony. She would never have talked to him, not in a million years. He didn't let people get to him, unless it was about her, then he had some kind of male macho thing going on. She kind of jealous when she saw a girl talking to him and he was so freindly he would never think of not talking to them. She hated it when girls giggled and batted their eyelashes at him. She knew she was the only girl for him, that they would never have a. One fine day i got my dream come true Swathi called to my mom’s number around 11am my mom wasn’t there left the phone at home and she went out to buy something so i picked the call and told aunty mom went out she will come back in sometime so she told okay you please come to home soon. I was tensed by hearing that i thought something emergency so i took my bike and left my home immediately reached in few seconds and knocked her door she didn’t open i was fully tensed what had happened later she. ‘What do you mean by sudden love?’ ‘It’s the only way I can express it. What I feel for you can’t be called love at first sight, since I spent most of this past semester trying to ignore you because I didn’t think you were good enough for me. We grew up in completely different economic and social situations.’ ‘Go on,’ I said. Tara continued, ‘My family is old-money rich, and my parents both earn enough money now to have this mansion, our staff, a yacht, and all the other trappings of wealth.

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