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There were still a lot of text based games.Wondering if he still had his programming skills, Benny sat down and whipped out a dungeon game that he cal...ed Dragon Chasers. It only took him about two days, using his memory of a game engine. He wrote it up and sent an ad to a magazine. Sales were slow during the first two months when the game had been advertised for $19.99. Then it was reviewed a month later, and suddenly had gotten an audience. It was like someone flipped a switch and shouted,. And it wasn’t something she’d really thought about until she ran the tip of her tongue down the bottom of Andre’s cock. It was long and thick and a mocha tone that matched the rest of his sexy body. Two veins ran down the shaft, both slightly off-center, throbbing with anticipation. Meisha planted a long, juicy kiss right on the tip of Andre’s dick. Then she let her thick lips roll back as she squeezed the head of his thick cock into her mouth-mmmmm-her tongue practically hummed as he slid an. Vince rubbed her shoulders.“That was nice of you sharing a root beer with the kids. They enjoyed it.”“Good, you seemed to as well...” he kissed her neck and Abby leaned her back into his chest, his arms around her belly.“I did and this is relaxing and one of the things I missed with you at college.”Vince started twirling a finger in the hair and kissing her ear. His other was lightly rubbing a nipple.“I missed that just as much. I’ve arranged for some sheets so you can spend the night. I had a TV with a VCR built in in my room, so I took them down there. They were copies, with blank labels, but they were with his Playboys so I suspected they might be porn. They were. There were two videos. One was the movie Taboo, the other was Taboo 2. If you don't know what these are, look them up. These were so hot, and I watched them every chance I got, especially the scene where the mother fucks the son. These were the only movies I ever found. They got me to thinking seriously about.

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