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She smiled and gave me a hug saying, “It’s alright.” This made the situation even worse! I could not think of anything but my sister’s legs an... curves!That day, we had the same routine at work but this time, my mindset was different than usual. She was looking way too hot that day! Like all the guys out there, I did not give up. This time, I asked her if she would like to go for a few drinks later after work. She awkwardly said, yes.Post a tiring day, we went to a café to chill. We had a few. Dragging my eyes upwards I took in her firm rounded tits with their hard pink nipples. Finally I made it to her face, where our eyes met."Finally ... I thought you would never get to my face" she quipped with a huge grin on her face."Sorry..." I murmured."Hey no worries ... it just gives me an excuse for wanting to see more of you" Dani explained. I look back at her like a deer caught in the headlights of a car - I was stunned into silence and inactivity."Come on Grant ... let's show her what. “Come on in, would you like a cup of tea?” as I always do I accepted the offer, as tea is THE most amazing drink. Well I start to remove my jacket and continue to sit down on the armchair that looks into the kitchen. “Sarah I would just like to apologize for the text messages that I was sending you last night, I was over stepping a line” hoping it would spark a conversion about the matter at hand and I was right.“What are you sorry for? I am amazed that you like me, I have always had a soft. Not a cheap tramp." She sounded hurt and I felt like the most insensitive moron in the world, and almost cried as I wrapped my arms around her. I hugged her close and had a very hard time of controlling my voice."No hon... I didn't mean it like that! Please... I really didn't! I was just worried... sitting here, waiting for you..." ... I just couldn't help it. It has been so long... weeks since I have been with anyone. So when Leslie came on to me tonight I just couldn't hold back... I didn't.

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