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She placed it on the table and unwrapped it. She took a big bite of the burger then turned to begin unpacking again.I grabbed Ann and pulled her back ...gainst me once more. "Ann that'll wait until tomorrow. You're tired and hungry. Now come on and let's go into the other room and eat and relax for the rest of the evening."She looked up at me then at all the boxes she had to unpack. I watched her shoulders slump then she sighed and said, "OK." Ann picked up her food, opened the refrigerator and. “I think I like that outfit even more,” he complimented her with a smile, as he admired her athletic figure. “How are the cheeks this morning?” he added playfully.“I had a lovely red handprint on my right one last night after the storm,” she told him, her blue eyes sparkling brightly. “Your cum did its work though, and I’m shiny and new once again,” she pouted, turning to show him her unmarked cheeks.“It did?” he asked her, momentarily puzzled.Alyssa nodded, and smiled at him. “Our lovely new. ”After Alyssa cleaned herself up in the bathroom adjoining the bedroom, she was ready to leave to go home when she saw Damien patiently waiting for her outside the bathroom. Their eyes met and Alyssa shivered from the palpable, undeniable lust still coursing through the both of them. The energy that they both shared was unlike anything she had ever experienced before.“I’ve never done that with anyone,” Damien said in a low tone. “Thank you for fulfilling my fantasy, bella.”“No need to thank me,. I pushed him off, and started unzipping his pants. He stopped me. “Bitch, who do you think you are? You’re MINE. I’ll tell you what to do.” He turned me over, pulled up my dress, exposing my smooth, firm ass. He started spanking me. “fuck, ohh FUCK” I cried out, it hurt, but it was a mix between pain and pleasure. He stopped spanking me, and got up off the bed, unzipping his pants and letting them fall. A HUGE 7-8 inch cock hung from his waist. It wasn’t just long, but it was THICK. “Suck it,.

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