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Completely helpless, looking up at me while I used my favorite tiny flogger all over your tits and your pussy.” This time I blinked, but managed look away. “And?” Surely we were done with the whole whipping the pussy thing. “Then I wanted to play with your ass, your pussy and your clit using toys, fingers, mouth and teeth until you were coming for me anytime I wanted you to. I loved the idea of making you do as I say for once. Begging me to give you release and then begging me to stop. As she did she just said "fuck me" fuck my wet cunt now". I answered "not before I get to suck your juice" and she replied "then be my guest". As I moved my head down she pulled her skirt up and opened her legs wide. I could feel the wetness of her sweet pussy, I had never tasted such a juicy pussy it was oozing out of her in a stream down her legs, gut I licked every drop and pushed my tongue deep into her wet lips. As I grew more passionate she pulled her panty's down and reached for my. Ussne meri chut me paglo ki tahra ungli ki n bhtt chusa mera chut bt fr thode derr baad mere chut pura pani pani hogya tha or thode hi derr baad uske ungli krne k baad meko ass alga ki meri seal tut gai or meri chut sai khoon niklne lga tb toh mano meri daar k mare halat hi kharab hogai thi ussne fir meko samjhaya or uss khoon ko saff kia..Fr ussne mere boobs ko fr dabane lga or apna lund meri chut k pass satane lga mera toh maan kr rha tha uski lund ko apne chut me dal lu or apni chut uske. Genuine, no shit fear. He slammed himself inside her as hard as he could, smacking his balls against her ass and making her dizzy. She put her hands on his shoulders to prevent herself from falling and slamming into the gravel. Chase pushed her head forward and stopped hurting as he pressed his lips into her ear, whispering, I was going to be quick about it, but youve pissed me off now. Im going to fuck your guts out, ho. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

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