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They told me that they dropped the kid in one of Ananya’s friend house. I understood that they had all planned.Shyam pressed 5 in the elevator butto.... On the 5th floor, all the flats were independent, with doors at four extreme corners. Shyam unlocked the door. The flat was luxurious, with a recliner sofa and a huge home theatre in the corner of the long hall.When Shyam closed the door behind us, my shaft rose again, seeing huge jugs over the tight T-shirt of Ananya. I did not waste any time. I. She startes moaning so loud the I had to cover her mouth. As I watched her get fucked her body stared to shake as her second orgasm hit. Seconds after he came inside her cunt. As soon as he rolled off of her I jumped in his place and instantly started fucking her as hard as I could. She hadn't fully recovered from her second orgasm and she was now cumming again. I didn't slow down I just kept hammering away at her pussy. She begged me to let her on top for a bit so I rolled over and she. I guess, well I figured it’d be that. But maybe I was expecting something more girly or softer. I mean, not that this isn’t amazing.”Deborah laughed again, “Well I used to have it carpeted, and the living room was all overstuffed fabric-covered sofas and all.” She laid out the food near place settings that were already set out on a high-topped dark table in the middle of the kitchen. She waved Melissa towards high stools tucked under the table.Melissa pulled out a stool and sat down, only to. I keep Kelsey sucking my cock for a good five minutes and I’m so engrossed with how good it feels that I miss Stacey coming home.I only realise when my hand is slapped away and is replaced by hers as it grabs a fistful of Kelseys hair.With a loud scream as Kelsey is yanked off of me as Stacey yanks her to the floor.“What the fuck bitch” Kelsey screams as she holds the back of her head. I sit there speechless and I look into Stacey’s eyes, full of rage.She lunges again for Kelsey grabbing her by.

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